Water Bath and Pressure Canning for Real Preppers: The 1825-day Survival Cookbook | The Ultimate Preserving Guide with Easy and Nutrient-Rich Recipes to Store Any Food and Survive for the Next 5 Years

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Author: Burnham, Jake

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 135

Release Date: 05-12-2022

Details: 🛑 GET YOUR 3 EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUSES INSIDE! 🛑 ✅ Do you want a pantry ready and well-stocked in case of emergencies? ✅ Would you like to know precisely the BEST METHODS to preserve food and keep its nutrients and flavor for up to 5 years? ✅ Are you going to be a survivor or will you be the one asking desperately for food? If you’ve answered these questions with any logical sense, you know how important it is to be prepared for when SHTF. So you’d better keep reading… The chances of natural and man-made disasters are increasing day by day. Experts state that 97% of all predictable crises would fade in 1825 days, 5 long years. In any crisis, the top priority will be food. It is estimated that supermarkets in the United States have food for only three days. What would happen if thousands of starving people rush your local store? You need to prepare now. If you care about your family's health, you cannot let yourself be caught off guard. Today, would you be prepared to feed your whole family? For how long? Would it be the kind of food that can sustain them with the correct nutrients? You must prepare as best you can by preparing and storing food for the months and years to come. If you're not ready yet, DON’T PANIC! You are in the right place. Inside this cookbook, you will find all the recipes you'll ever need to survive 1825 days without needing to go out and face danger. In an emergency, tasty food might lift your mood and give your family a little boost not to give up. This essential guide will reveal to you all the best-tasting, most nutritious, and most balanced recipes for meals that will last up to 5 years. Here's what you'll learn thanks to this book: How to become a master prepper when it comes to preserving food. You will learn the most effective, quick, easy, and affordable methods to make food last, why they work and what kind of food you can store safely How to maintain the precious nutrients of food alive, to always stay healthy even in prolonged secluded periods during the most catastrophic emergency The step-by-step directions to execute the water bath technique. Preservation secrets, what kind of jars and lids are most effective, and every other tool you will need All you need to know about pressure canning, what kind of food you can store with this very efficient method, and the precautions to take to always stay on the safe side Hundreds of nutritious recipes for both water bath and pressure canning with precise quantities and clear directions. Cook and preserve pickles, jams, fruit syrups, tomatoes, butter recipes, meat and poultry, seafood, beans, and legumes …And much more Inside the book you will find the link to download Exclusive Bonuses for free: 🔥 PREPPER PARENTING: how to raise your child making him love being a prepper 🔥 THE PREPPER'S BACKPACK: the 15 must-have items to keep in your backpack to survive in any situation 🔥 DEHYDRATOR RECIPES: 20 great dehydrated meal recipes for great food that will last forever Even if you have never put in your pantry more than one week's worth of food, Water Bath and Pressure Canning for Real Preppers will give you the chance to provide your family with all the food it would need to survive for 1825 long days. Don't put it off… The earlier you prepare, the higher the chances to keep your loved ones safe in the event something in this mad world goes wrong. Scroll to the top of the page, click the "BUY NOW" button, and start preparing yourself immediately.

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Languages: English

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